Pilot sites

Fleurs locales promotes the restoration of biodiversity through local seeds, mobilising actors from three countries: Spain, France and Portugal. To ensure realistic results, work is carried out in the field, using pilot farms whose public and private owners want to solve some current problems by the use of the native seeds: vegetation cover, ecosystem restoration, areas damaged by fires, improvement of ecosystem services, among others.

The aim is to understand what are the current constraints in this process and promote value chains, in other words green businesses, that could respond to these problems. These may be a lack of seed stocks, a lack of multipliers, a lack of training in their use, a confusing legal context, etc. Therefore, based on common working methods, each partner faces specific local challenges in order to draw common conclusions. In short, the seven project partners and their teams (scientists, technicians, site managers and socio-economic actors) combine their skills to create mixtures of native seeds and structure renaturalisation chains adapted to the specific site.

You can check the current pilot farms on this map.