Restoration guidelines with native seeds

This “Restoration guidelines with native seeds” analyses ‘Stat of art of Fleurs locales’. They are basic guidelines. We expect to promote the use of native seeds in the agrosystems by addressing the main current limitations. Landscape managers, scientists, seed producers, communities and users will identify the main technical and economic gaps.

Guideline for Restoration Projects Based on Native Seeds

We review in this paper ‘Guideline for Restoration Projects Based on Native Seeds’ based on the work of ‘Fleurs Locales: Biodiversity restoration chains by native seeds in Mediterranean vineyards, agrosystems and natural environments’. It is a European project to promote the use of native seeds. It proposes concrete responses to the massive loss of biodiversity, accelerated by climate change: adaptation of restoration protocols to Mediterranean environments and construction of ecological restoration chains with all stakeholders (land managers, scientists, seed producers, institutions, users, et. al.) grouped through ‘local biodiversity management agreements’.